We are a registered Scottish charity of healthcare professionals adopting a public-health approach to violence reduction because we believe prevention is better than cure.

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The economic costs of violence

Treating the consequences of violence in Scotland cost an estimated £400 million per year – and that’s just NHS health costs.

  • A serious assault is estimated to cost the justice system £19,000 each time.
  • A murder is estimated to cost £1.3million per incidence to the criminal justice system.

Criminal costs

  • A person arrested for a serious charge such as attempted murder or murder would cost an expected £385 per day in police custody.
  • A high court trial, with a jury and ‘not guilty’ plea from the accused, would cost an estimated £95,372 per trial.
  • An estimated £37,000 is spent annually on imprisoning a single convicted person.

The overall costs for a high court trial and 25-year imprisonment for a person convicted of murder would pass a staggering £1million.

Victim costs

  • An ambulance call-out costs an average £244.
  • Attendance in an A&E department costs on average £190.
  • A hospital admission would cost an average of £569 per day.
  • Life-saving surgery is estimated to cost an average of £3,138 for each surgery needed.

Longer term costs are much harder to estimate – victims of violence often require long-term support with physical symptoms from their injuries, or psychological support to help them live with the stressors and traumas of events they have been subjected to.

Medics Against Violence

MAV is a company limited by guarantee in Scotland SC370211. We are a registered charity SC041153.

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