We are a registered Scottish charity of healthcare professionals adopting a public-health approach to violence reduction because we believe prevention is better than cure.

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Societal factors – the wider picture

We all have a part to play in helping reduce incidences of violence.


Deprivation is strongly associated with many things, including many poor health outcomes, but one of those things is violence. People living in deprived communities, particularly young men, are more at risk of becoming a victim and perpetrator of violence. Communities where social deprivation is an issue are more in fear of violence, and that applies to the whole community.

Being in fear of violence has quite a significant impact on a community. Can you think what some of those impacts might be?

Medics Against Violence

MAV is a company limited by guarantee in Scotland SC370211. We are a registered charity SC041153.

Registered office: James Miller House, 98 West George St, Glasgow G2 1PJ.

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