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Operation Santa


Every day our Navigators meet people in hospitals who don’t have access to the basic necessities they need to keep them clean, safe, warm, fed and connected when they are discharged. All of these things are vital for a speedy recovery.

Trying to deal with complex social issues when you don’t have basic necessities is really challenging and, while we can offer support, it makes such a difference if we can help with these things too.

So this Christmas we are asking for your help. Our Running on Empty Fund helps us to provide basic support to people in really desperate circumstances. Over the years you have helped us to raise £6385 through your sponsored events and that has made a huge difference to many people. 

We have two ways you can help

If you are able you could make a small donation to Running on Empty here

If you would rather send us essential items we have created a wishlist on Amazon and you can access that here

We’ll keep you updated on the campaign with some messages from our Navigators throughout Christmas so keep an eye on our social media channels on twitter and facebook.

Thank you so much for your support and we wish you a very Merry Christmas. 

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