MAV Schools

We take frontline clinicians into schools across Scotland delivering our unique violence reduction education.

Schools Evaluation

We rely on the feedback from pupils, parents, teachers and our clinical volunteers to continually improve our schools programme, ensuring it is relevant, evidence-based and appropriate. 

We are always keen to continue improving our input and rely on Scottish health and crime data to meet specified learning outcomes, mapped against the national curriculum.

What do the young people say?

What do our volunteers say?

Project Evidence

University of St Andrews

In 2013, the University of St Andrews externally evaluated the MAV Schools programme in mixed methods study led by Dr Anna Gavine. The conclusion of the evaluation was that 'MAV has been successful in engaging young people and increasing their awareness of the dangers associated with violence and strategies for staying safe’ The study also evidenced some improvement in pupils' attitudes towards violent behaviour although it should be noted that most pupils did not initially hold pro-violent attitudes. Focus groups showed an increase in pupils' empathy for victims of violence and that pupils really valued the delivery of lessons on this topic by clinicans.

We have subsequently used the recommendations from the evaluation to improve our programme and continue to measure and adapt it.
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