We are a registered Scottish charity of healthcare professionals adopting a public-health approach to violence reduction because we believe prevention is better than cure.

MAV Schools

We take frontline clinicians into schools across Scotland delivering our unique violence reduction education.

About the Programme

MAV Schools takes our front line clinicians into schools across Scotland to talk to young people about the consequences of violence from a health perspective and about how to stay safe

Our lessons fit into one classroom period and feature films that we have made to bring some other voices into the room, they include victims of violence, other healthcare professionals, police officers, people who have been involved in violence and the families of those who have been affected.

Our volunteers are able to give first hand accounts of their experiences of violence and of caring for victims and pupils are free to ask them questions about any aspect of their work.

We can cover a range of topics including 

The risk factors and triggers for violence

The consequences of violence

How to stay safe

The role of alcohol in violence

Drugs and their health consequences

Violence in society

The teenage brain and what makes it special

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