ASC Project

We’re helping professionals who come into contact with those affected by domestic abuse have the confidence to ASC.

Facts about Domestic Abuse

What's the prevalence?

There are about 60,000 cases of domestic abuse reported to the police in Scotland annually
Domestic abuse affects 1 in 5 women and 1 in 6 men at some point in their life
We know that many cases are not reported to the police or anyone else

Is anyone more at risk?

Domestic abuse disproportionately affects women and women who are pregnant or have a longterm illness, disability or a mental health issue are more at risk.
However, domestic abuse can affect anyone

Is violence always a feature?

Physical violence happens in about 40% of cases, fundamentally domestic abuse is about control so coercive and controlling behaviour is very common
A facial bruise in a female is 32x more likely to be a result of domestic abuse than anything else

Domestic abuse and children

Domestic abuse is an Adverse Childhood Experience. Witnessing violence and controlling behaviour can impact on the lives and health outcomes of children.