ASC Project

We’re helping professionals who come into contact with those affected by domestic abuse have the confidence to ASC.

ASC Resources

We have produced and stock a variety of resources to help our ASC project. 

Harder (our ASC film)

Harder is a film produced by Greenroom Films on behalf of MAV and the SVRU. We are happy for anyone to download and use this film. 

It illustrates a few of the red flags you may notice if you meet a patient or client who is experiencing a form of domestic abuse. The film also summarises the AVDR method: Ask, Validate, Document, Refer (or signpost); we teach this method in our ASC training to encourage conversations on domestic abuse.

Domestic Abuse services

Scottish Domestic Abuse helpline

The Scottish Domestic Abuse and Forced Marriage helpline is Scotland's national domestic abuse service. They support anyone with experience of domestic abuse or forced marriage, as well as their family members, friends, colleagues and professionals who support them. Call 0800 027 1234. ​

Shakti Women's Aid

Shakti Women's Aid provides help for Black & Minority Ethnic (BAME) women, children and young people who are experiencing, or who have experienced, domestic abuse.
Their helpline 0131 475 2399 is open Monday 9.30-4, Tuesday 1-4, Wednesday to Friday 9.30-4


The UK National Domestic Abuse Helpline, freephone 0808 2000 247, is run by the charity Refuge. Their accessible website is full of a wealth of support information for women and children.


The Abused Men in Scotland (AMIS) Helpline, 0808 800 0024, is a national, confidential helpline for men requiring support. It is staffed weekdays 10am - 4pm, and 6pm - 9pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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1 in 4 lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people are affected by domestic abuse. Run by LGBT Youth Scotland, this website is a helpful resource for members of the LGBT community. ​

Order materials

If you have been trained to ASC and are looking for materials to distribute as part of the programme, please get in touch with our office! We stock printed materials and useful accessories to help people ASC.