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We’re recruiting: Pathfinder Project

We are on the lookout for 5 incredible people to join our innovative new Pathfinder Project!

Pathfinder is a pilot project soon to launch in Inverness in partnership with the Scottish Drug Deaths Taskforce and we are looking to recruit excellent people to lead its delivery.

Taking referrals from local police for people who use drugs, Pathfinders will work with people who accept support to address their underlying complex social issues and connect them with local community recovery and support bodies.

Positions available

Full-time, 35hrs per week on a fixed-term 12 month contract. We are looking for four Pathfinders and one Pathfinder Lead to be based in the Inverness area and champion this new role.

Closing date is 12th April at 4pm. For more information just contact us!

Apply online through our website

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